Build a Movie Studio

We are building a motion picture studio from the ground up. Will you donate to our vision?

Our goal is to acquire enough funding to successfully construct a small but impactful motion picture studio service.

We want to target a new segment, in an emerging segment: Organizations and movie theaters are to begin offering 4DX and Virtual Reality on a commercial basis, and for the everyday consumer/user. Other early goals in developing a movie studio will be acquiring a partnership with statewide and national cinemas, to help in the effort to get at least 30% of movie theaters to go virtual with 4DX capacity.

4DX Films and VR is one of the biggest financial factors for the future of cinema, and this is our base for production. One of our strategies for releasing 4DX and virtual films is through partnerships with local AMC and Celebration Cinemas.

In addition to our own distribution streaming service (Mishigami+), we will also sell content to streaming services such as:

1. Disney +, 2. Amazon, 3. Netflix, 4. Paramount +, 5. HBO MAX, 6. Mishigami+

Mishigami+ will also make strategic partnerships with state and nationwide cinemas, namely movie theaters and traditional channels for a full Virtual/4D sensory experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Our movie studio will produce stories from all over the globe, and our niche target will be the new age Black African Market; creating an economy large enough to develop a small community and generate massive popularity across many future generations.

Our brand is built around being a great motion picture studio right at the center of one of the hottest vacation spots in America – Southwestern Lake Michigan.

We will produce Household Content: Our movie studio is an organization that produces PG – PG-13 content only; making us universal enough to be a part of every home across the United States and the world.